Some Sweet Camping Gear for Your Summer Travels

Some Sweet Camping Gear for Your Summer Travels

It’s that time again! This weekend we’re getting the Starcraft ’89 out of its winter home and decking it out for at least three camping trips this summer.

With that in mind, I thought I’d share some of my favorite gear for making the most of your camping experience. Shocker: it’s mostly gadgetry for enhancing your food & drink. You’re welcome.

Coleman Camp Propane Grill/Stove+

Oh sure, you could cook over an open fire, but that’s so much work! Plus there’s nothing quite like the sound when you fire up this grill/stove combo from Coleman. (Seriously - it’s like a jet engine.) I like this model because it has both a burner and grill grate so you can do two different things at the same time. (Don’t forget the extra propane!)

$64 on Amazon.

Texsport Heavy Duty Barbecue Swivel Grill for Outdoor BBQ Over Open Fire

Hey, I told you not to cook over an open fire!

Okay, okay, if you insist. Not only is this product’s name a mouthful, but you’ll be serving many mouthfuls of wood-fired food from its 384-square-inch grate. Yes, the cooking surface is vast, but it’s also flexible. The grill height adjusts to 17 inches, and you can also swing it around 360° to get it away from the flames. Nice.

$36 on Amazon.

Rome’s Round Pie Iron with Steel and Wood Handles

In my mind the signature feature of camping is taking the best parts of life and making them more difficult. So if you like eating pizza but prefer the preparation to be as inconvenient as possible, you should try making “mock pies” in these round pie irons.


Slather the irons in liquid Parkay or another of your favorite trans fats, and then make a pizza sandwich between two slices of your favorite bread. Stick your pie iron in the fire, and then sit back and relax as your friends & family criticize your efforts. In minutes you’ll either be slogging through cold pizza (and not in a good way), or better, you’ll be burning your mouth on that mock pie’s molten cheesy center. Ain’t camping grand?

$14 on Amazon.

BLACK+DECKER Family Sized Electric Griddle

So it’s Sunday morning and that means it’s… pancake time. Whether you’re cooking for your family or planning to feed the entire campsite, you’d better be flapping jacks on one of these.

$27 on Amazon.

Aerobie AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

For me, late nights around the bonfire and early mornings (because, kids) mean that I wake up stumbling around for my first cup of coffee. Sure that old drip coffee maker could graduate from its heralded place in the kitchen and head on into the camper, but for my money, the AeroPress is a far superior way to go. It’s both wonderfully portable and fully capable of making a great cup o’ joe.

Want to see how it works? Stop reading and go watch this portrait of its inventor.

$34 on Amazon.

Stanley Mountain Vacuum Coffee System

Or, if you’d prefer a more compact coffee system for the camping trip, you’ve got to look at this one from Stanley. It’s all of these things in one handy unit: two cups, dry storage for coffee, French press, flip-up handle, and thermos. It’s my go-to for camping coffee these days.

$35 on Amazon.

Coleman 12 Oz. Enamel Mug

With its smooth finish and trademark blue speckles, this is the quintessential camping coffee mug for me. And if you want to make your java the old-fashioned way, be sure to pick up this guy’s matching percolator.

$4 on Amazon.

Red IKEA Pressa Hanging Dryer

Your little kids are going to love this. The genius Swedes at IKEA have devised this gem: it’s an octopus and on the end of each of its legs are two – count ’em — clips for your various hand towels, washcloths and so forth. Hang it under your awning and you’re good to go.

$12 on Amazon.

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